Our Services

Our company specializes in tax preparation, accounting, and payroll services for a wide variety of clients. We focus in: 

Tax/ Tax Planning

Though our office believes year-round tax planning to be most effective in reducing your annual tax burden we also understand that tax and tax planing may be the last thing on your mind throughout the year; a "yearly check-up" some say, similar to an annual doctor's visit.

Our tax planning services include filing for individual and business returns. Robert Rowland specializes in preparation of back taxes, amended returns, and review of IRS and state notices. As an active tax attorney as well, Rob also provides services pertaining to client audit, tax court, and other tax issues. 

Preparation of Federal and State Returns include but are not limited to

  • Form 1040 for Individuals
  • Form 1041 for Estates and Trusts
  • Form 1065 for Partnerships
  • Form 1120 for Corporations
  • Form 1120S for S Corporations

Contact Robert Rowland for a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

A clean set of books is the foundation for managing a business, increasing revenue, reducing costs, controlling taxes, and selling a business. When working with our firm, you can focus on your core business knowing the accounting and bookkeeping work is being completed by an experienced and highly educated staff.

The accounting professionals here at Robert C. Rowland, CPA work with various clients from all different industries to provide quality accounting services. We pride ourselves in servicing companies both small and large. We understand that every business is different and we customize our services to fit exactly what you need. Our accounting services include but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly bookkeeping
  • Preparation of quartely payroll tax reports
  • Preparation of sales tax reports
  • Preparation of accounts payable
  • Preparation of accounts receivable
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts and credit card accounts
  • Help with journal entries to record transactions
  • QuickBooks consulting
  • QuickBooks setup
  • QuickBooks support
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly QuickBooks check-ups
  • 1099 preparation


Our payroll services have grown over the years and we continue to offer great payroll services to our clients. Our payroll department customizes payroll specific to the client's needs; from the processing of payroll checks, the preparation of management reports, the calculation of payroll taxes, the scheduling of payroll taxes off the EFTPS website, preparation of garnishment checks, and specific withholdings and deductions. We can provide you what you need.

Our payroll services include but are not limited to:

  • Employee direct deposit
  • Electronic tax deposit and tax payment services
  • Electronic filing of quarterly payroll reports
  • EFTPS compliance
  • Garnishment processing
  • Processing new hires
  • Responding to outside payroll inquiries
  • Tax planning on officer salary
  • W2 preparation